Gut Ankelohe is a beautiful country estate near Hamburg, Germany, at some 20 kilometres from the North Sea coast. Built about 200 years ago and the seat of the Kleveman family for six generations, the estate has a romantic park with old trees and is set in an idyllic scenery of meadows, lakes, and forests.

The generous ambience of Gut Ankelohe is wonderfully conducive to focussed learning and relaxed socialising. It has therefore been converted into a conference centre, with a barn and several stables now turned into group houses for company workshops, academic seminars, weddings, and other social gatherings.

The group houses boast large conference rooms with modern equipment, a dining hall, a smoking-room with fire-place, a pool billard room, and terraces. There are several rooms for smaller groups, and access to wireless internet as well as phone and fax services is available at all times.

AnkCon participants are accommodated in single and double rooms in the manor house and in the former stables for sheep and horses, each individually designed and equipped with en-suite bathrooms, as well as in deluxe apartments across the estate. They can use a large outdoor pool, a football pitch, and a sauna chalet. The area is great for running and nature walks.

From the airports in Hamburg and Bremen, or alternatively the railway stations Hechthausen and Bremerhaven, participants are picked up by limousines and taken to Gut Ankelohe. Travel times are one and a half hours from Hamburg, one hour from Bremen and thirty minutes from Hechthausen and Bremerhaven.

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