Here is what past AnkCon participants have said:

“A highly enjoyable and stimulating conversation in great surroundings. The range of participants from China, Europe and the US produced a broad and deep discussion. And the outing to the sea was memorable.”
Jonathan Fenby

“Wonderful days of stimulating, fascinating (and occasionally mind-changing) conversation – the hospitality has been exemplary and will be remembered as the perfect stage for new friendships.”
Isabel Hilton

“This has been a valuable and thoroughly enjoyable experience. It is part of an important movement which may yet find solutions.”
Misha Glenny

“Such an amazing group of people brought together in this little paradise in Northern Germany to solve the world’s problems.”
Elizabeth Rubin

“Debonair rhetoric, perfectly judged hospitality, converted conservatives, and bonfires!”
Rory Stewart

“A wonderful education in all things China, all things Ankelohe, and all things related to German hospitality. These three days have been a joy.”
Peter Maass

“Enjoyed it very much and learned a lot – next time we need more organised singing around the bonfire!”
David Goodhart

“I love such kind of conversation which, with all the carefully designed topics, gets everyone involved.”
Hu Shuli

“A wonderful mix of talk, food and wine amid trees and birdsong. Made a great change from hiding in Afghan ditches and gave me lots to think about.”
Christina Lamb

“Wunderbar! Ausgezeichnet! Echt gut! And many other superlatives!”
Rob Gifford

“A wonderful event! I have really enjoyed and benefited from the sparky debate, the excellent companionship, and the lovely setting.”
Jeremy Leggett

“AnkCon is a fantastic combination of stimulating brainstorming, intelligent interdisciplinary view-exchange and a joyful rural northern German experience.”
Wei Zhang

“A splendid weekend of educative and invigorating talks and a trip to a homely fish restaurant at the North Sea – what could be better!”
Alissa Quart

“Three terrific days and nights and never a dull moment.”
Joshua Hammer

“A great conference – I enjoyed it a lot. I hope the conversations can help others to understand more about China and the Chinese people.”
Isaac Mao

“Thanks so much for the invitation, best of luck moving this forward.”
Richard Parker

“A fascinating assembly of brains, ideas, and warm-hearted people. It is not often that you get to sit with two people who have both met Muqtada al-Sadr!”
Christoph Reuter

“I’ve seen no other place where one can get food for the mind, the belly and the soul delivered with such efficiencey and ease.”
Masha Gessen

“Great thanks for a great weekend. The country air hit to spot, plus the people.”
John C. Hulsman

“Fascinating people, wonderful location! Ankelohe Conversations is a mind-altering substance!”
Mark Lynas

“Eine inspirierende Konferenz, hochinteressante Leute, ein spannender Mix, ein wunderbarer Ort, ein großartiges Projekt, das Fortsetzung, Ausbau und Erfolg verdient.”
Michael Thumann

“It was intellectually stimulating, very enjoyable, a great bunch of people, and the hospitality was remarkable – a wonderful weekend!”
Adam Lebor

“These have been the some of the most informative, provocative and fun discussions I’ve ever participated in. The people who gathered here are simply brilliant and the setting is perfect.”
Jim Ledbetter

“AnkCon: stimulating, fun, an experiment that proved right.”
Silvana Paternostro

“Some very stimulating discussions on key issues with frighteningly well-informed people. After which both swimming pool and beer were doubly welcome.”
Paul Kingsnorth

“Sehr interessante Menschen sprechen über sehr interessante Dinge. Es gibt viel zu wenige, die sich die Arbeit machen, so etwas zu organisieren.“
Jana Simon

“Talk about a bonfire of the vanities! A stimulating and most enjoyable weekend – I loved it!”
Vijay Vaitheeswaran

“It’s been a great few days. A very interesting and stimulating discussion.”
Brad Adams

“Fascinating! Beautiful environment, great company and stimulating discussions.”
Firoze Manji

“A unique and wonderful weekend. So enjoyable in every way, so full of surprises, such a good time. Could AnkCon have been any more successful? I don’t think so.”
Jonathan Foreman

“I have never before attended an occasion where writers, activists, scientists, and others come together. I could not have guessed that it would be as successful as it has been.”
Lord Ron Oxburgh

“A pleasant climate of hospitality.”
Wofgang Sachs

“A unique experience to discuss the fate of China in the German countryside – unexpected and purifying.”
Kerry Brown

“Bloody good fun!”
Daphna Baram

“Thanks for a wonderful, most serious, and warm meeting with so many inspiring people and great discussions. I learned a lot.”
Christiane Grefe

“I don’t know that I’ve ever been part of such a stimulating intellectual exercise in such a beautiful and relaxing place.”
Mike Tidwell

“A great opportunity to discuss with a great set of people in the special setting of Gut Ankelohe.”
Basil Gelpke

“I love Gut Ankelohe! And I hope AnkCon will continue to bring writers together for social change for many years to come.”
Solana Larsen

“A stimulating and productive conversation.”
Rob Shapiro

“Pleasant and stimulating.”
Nick Young

“Out of many meetings and symposia I’ve been to over the years, AnkCon is a standout – not only with regard to the setting but also the special atmosphere and the great mix of people.”
Michael Renner

“An educational experience.”
Ken Deffeyes

“I’ve met fascinating people, had wonderful conversations, and learned a great deal.“
Paul Domjan

“A completely fascinating weekend, an utterly unique opportunity for a writer.”
Chris Turner

“Gut Ankelohe ist ein wunderbarer Ort zum Denken, Diskutieren und Feiern.”
Thomas Seifert

“I could not think of a more beautiful and more interesting reason to return to Bremerhaven, my birthplace.”
Oliver August

“A very good conference!”
David Goodstein

“The splendid culmination was Jeremy Rifkin’s talk, offering solutions.”
Colin Campbell

“Spannende Vorträge, spannende Leute, Spitzen-Organisation – so müssen Tagungen sein. 1000 Dank!“
Harald Schumann

“A very well chosen range of participants and issues, superbly organised, in a truly perfect location.”
George Marshall

“I was delighted to have this great opportunity to talk with such high-calibre writers.”
Seungho Lee

“Stimulating three days filled with keen insights from very smart people doing very important work.”
Dan Schaffer

“The quality, diversity, and passion of all participants combined with the beauty of a wonderful place make AnkCon the perfect setting to discuss and network.”
Nathan Glasgow

“It has been so worth it!”
Simon Retallack

“Excellent conversation and fireside chats.”
James Crabtree

“Stimulating and enjoyable!”
Dan Todman

“Especially beautiful evenings by the sea and in the fields.”
Bartle Bull

“A really great chance to meet all these brilliant people.”
Elena Egereva

“Excellent... I now do not need to sit around another bonfire for another 20 years!”
Paul French